The Transformers two film not too long ago arrived and went from film theaters and frankly, I do not see that there was a point to it coming out at all. If you haven’t witnessed it and want to, please just prevent below. There is no point in continuing to read this write-up because 1st of all, I am going to give absent the plot of the film (or absence of 1 as the circumstance may be) and secondly, I am going to trash the film so badly, you will never want to see it any longer.

Michael Bay arrived back to direct this film and the 1 factor he did proper was to have tons of cool unique results.  For case in point, there is 1 robot monster apparently even has balls (it is referred to by Agent Simmons as a scrotum — and indeed, he is back additional on that afterwards). Bay also apparently determined to take a web page straight from the Terminator films even however we have under no circumstances witnessed a transformer who appeared like a human remaining and in point of truth, in the total primary animated Transformers sequence, there has under no circumstances been a transformer that turned by itself into a human being. That did not prevent Bay however from bringing in a woman seductress for Sam (Shia LeBeouf) to be caught in a compromising position with. She will get him on the bed just as his girlfriend exhibits up to rescue him.

Of course just to make sure Mikala (Megan Fox) is not remaining without some booty, we have a toy auto Decepticon who apparently is into the whole S&M scene. She burns out 1 of his eyes but he afterwards pledges his fealty to her, declaring that he has switched sides to the Autobots and by the way, I am going to hump your leg now.

Did I mention by the way that in the Transformers two film, Bumblebee has apparently lost the capability to talk? Viewers will recall that at the close of the 1st film he regained speech and informed Optimus he wished to remain with Sam. But his speech apparently has been lost once again and spelled out by Sam merely commenting that “oh, you happen to be having complications with your speech once again.”

The tale revolves around an historic device the Decepticons developed to harvest suns in buy to energy the All Spark. Optimus Primary, who presumably would know something about it, conveniently dies in advance of he can inform us and we require to count on an aged Decepticon to inform us instead. While even he isn’t going to know the facts.

Apparently, the primary Decepticon, The Fallen is hiding somewhere in our photo voltaic method and needs to snuff out our sunlight. He can only be defeated by a Primary and Optimus dies so we know he cannot be defeated. That is until finally Optimus is brought back to life by an historic product the Primes remaining at the rear of. Why only a Primary can defeat him, we are remaining to ponder. Optimus isn’t going to look to do everything unique in buy to defeat The Fallen, but permit us be selected, whatsoever it was that was not unique, he is the only 1 who could do it.

Oh, and by the way, this time Brokers Simmons needs to preserve the planet right after remaining rescued from performing with his mom in a bagel shop in New York. Yup. That tends to make genuine sense.

The Transfomers two film should be on DVD by the time you read this. I would not bother leasing it however.

Resource by Chuck White