More homes than not use candles these days. With the recent air time being given to 'the green movement', someone has actually discovered that burning your everyday, basic candle is bad for the environment. The solution? Soy candles.

Why are my 'Old Fashioned' Candles Harmful?

Truth be told, the conventional paraffin candles are produced from petroleum. When burned, they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Some studies have shown that burning these candles releases as many as 11 toxins and 2 known carcinogens into the air. (Comparable to second hand smoke or diesel fumes). Sound crazy? If you've ever burned a candle under a shelf or some other surface, look closely at the surface. That black, sooty residual is packed full of those toxins.

So What Should I Burn?

'Natural' candles are now being produced and distributed as palm wax, bee's wax and soy candles. (Soy candles tend to be a little easier on your bank account.) These produce 90% less soot than the old paraffin candles. They also have an increased burning time of 50% and claim to have none of the wasted wax as in the customary kind. Aroma therapy lovers appreciate them because they are capable of not only holding more fragrance that the old kind; but the aroma is said to be truer and purer. The 'natural' candles caught on quickly and business is booming with a plethora of colors, styles and scents. Trimming the wick to within inch inch from the top is still recommended and safety during usage is, as always, highly encouraged.

With 7 out of 10 people using candles in the home, if we give the 'natural' candles a try; that's less toxins in the air, less soot on your walls, and a more realistic fragrance to enjoy. Why not?

Source by Maria Flavey