A place where usually relations relationships or even true friendship is a non existent word is Hollywood, in this place there is hardly a relationship which can stand a test of competition, money, boysfriends or girlfriends and the glamor coupled with media pressure.

Here is a critical look at a few friendships that can be categorized as true friendships. The first one which describes as great applaud is the friendship between Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox. Courtney provide that support when Jennifer split with Brad Pitt. Definitely this is what friendship is when you can count on the support of friends in the hour of need.

Another famous friendship is that Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King. Gayle is the sounding board for Oprah on all matters relating to career and success. Here is what Oprah did as she wanted Gayle to be a millionaire, she gifted $ 1million to Gayle so that she could also be called a millionaire. A true friend would want the other friend to have the same success as he or she has and will make very effort to do that. A truly unique gift from one friend to the other.

Another which has been a great success story of a true friendship was between Leonardo Di Caprio and Toby McGuire. It is reported that they met at a TV auditioning. Leonardo got success with Titanic while his friend was still to succeed so he made sure that the contracts for his movies had a reason that the studio would fly his best friends to the movie set by a private jet. A true friend indeed and he made sure that his other friends were left out and at least enjoyed some part of his success. Another friendship that has withstood the pressure of fame is between Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

This critical look at some real life friendships was to make everyone understand that friends foster under various circumstances and can still survive under intestine scrutiny of media, success, money and fame. This certainly proves a point that a true friendship knows no boundaries and limits and is pure without any corruption of outside influences.

Source by John Border