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Best TV Families With Sisters Only

Family life has always been a staple of situation comedies on television, usually clans who are a tad dysfunctional but totally lovable. From the early days of TV through its peak in the 70s and 89s until even now, many sitcoms have revolved around families. The earliest are showing such as "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" and "Father Knows Best," along with "Leave It To Beaver" and even the later episodes of "I Love Lucy." Then came "All in the Family" and "Family Ties" before current series like "Modern Family" and "The Middle." Most of the families depicted include both male and female children, an obvious effort to appeal to more audiences. For example, "The Cosby Show" featured Theo and his sisters, and more recently "Married with Children" had Bud Bundy and his older sister Kelly. The longest running current series, "The Simpsons," centers on Bart and his younger sisters Lisa and Maggie. Typically, a show has found success with a family severely boycotted of daughters. It is so what a a daring concept, seeing as it eliminates the opportunities for brother-sister bickering. Here are the five most popular television shows that feature sisters only. "Too Close for Comfort" Ted Knight starred in this 80s series, depicting the father of daughters played by Lydia Cornell as the blonde and Deborah Van Valkenburg as the brunette. "Full House" Comedian...

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Latest Mobile Phones, Bringing Revolution in World of Communication

Nowadays, mobile phones have impacted tremendously on the minds of the youth. At times, the topics like which gadget has to be chosen and why become the daily chitchat between them. Moreover, it is one of the useful equipment of communication which has made the human life much easier. The Latest Mobile Phones come enhanced with high end specifications such as music players, strong battery, video cameras and many more and that too too at a very affordable price. As the technology is getting advanced gradually, numerous latest features are being added to enhance the mobile phones. A large number of popular mobile phone brands have entered into the competition to provide hi-tech handsets with attractive looks. The Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG etc. are some of the manufacturers that are available in the mobile phone industry. Nokia is a one of the class apart brand which is in the limelight for its latest and easy to use functions that compliment the Nokia models. This reputed company designs light weight devices with awesome physical features. Day by day, this brand is enhancing its features in order to catch the attention of the modern people. For instance, currently, Nokia has released some widgets like E63 in which the QWERTY keyboard option has been added. QWERTY refers to the computer like keyboard, in which the users can type their...

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Better Late Than Never – Attack the Back Ache Symptoms!

There are many reasons for back pain. Back ache symptoms are usually a result of malfunctioning of the spinal due to damage to the spine, ligaments, disks or muscles. These symptoms could occur due to an injury during accidents or due to exercise which causes inflammation in the spine. Back pain symptoms can be minor or major depending on the cause. Therefore their treatment also varies depending on the intensity of the pain. Five Things You Should Know If You Encounter Symptoms Of Backache: Are you confused about the nature of your back pain? Are you able to decide whether you should take a pain killer or visit a doctor? What could have been the intensity of the pain? Could these back ache symptoms lead to major problems? If these are some of the questions that bother you, answering these simple questions could help you solve your questions about back pain. 1. Since when am I facing the symptoms of backache? The first and foremost thing to know about back pain is the period since when you have been facing the pain. Is your pain periodic or persistent? These questions will help you know if your pain is of acute or chronic nature. Acute pain usually usually lasts for weeks and can be cured immediately. However chronic pain may last for months and needs on-going treatment for complete relief....

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