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Month: July 2017

The “Manchurian Prospect”: Lee Harvey Oswald?

An American soldier is taken driving enemy traces and brainwashed as an unwitting assassin by communists in league with American political figures. This soldier then returns to the States to eliminate a presidential candidate as component of a political plan to escalate and exploit Chilly War tensions. Seem familiar? It does if you&#39ve seen the basic motion picture “The Manchurian Prospect.” Now think about this modified circumstance: An American soldier is 1st brainwashed as an assassin and to have as a communist by agents of his personal governing administration, then sent driving enemy traces as a defector, only to return to the States and assassinate an American president. But This is no motion picture plot. Decades of exploration have persuaded me this is exactly what took place in the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. Just before you dismiss this as nonetheless one more JFK conspiracy idea, search at how a lot it clarifies in gentle of what we&#39ve discovered about the CIA&#39s skillful use of intellect management and phony problems more than years of anti-communist operations. * In a system regarded as MKULTRA, the CIA spent billions of bucks secretly perfecting intellect management know-how. Brutal techniques of eliciting confessions from captured enemy agents (electrical shock, sensory deprivation, hypnosis and reality medicine these as LSD) had been produced on hundreds of unwitting victims. Used operation for many years,...

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A condition-by-condition seem at juvenile life with no parole

States are responding to U.S. Supreme Court docket rulings that have located necessary life-with no-parole sentences unconstitutional for juveniles apart from for the exceptional murder offender incapable of rehabilitation. Following the latest ruling in January 2016 mentioned all those serving these conditions need to have a prospect to argue for launch 1 day, dozens of inmates have gained new sentences — and some, independence — while other individuals wait or struggle to have their sentences reviewed. Supply...

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